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Sunshine Coast Fibre Camp Information:


Registration – fill out registration form and mail, with your payment, to the address at the bottom of the form.  All registrations will be processed in the order payment is received.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail within 2 days of your registration being received.  Registration opens as follows:


Overnight camp for SCSWG members – July 1, 2024 $195.00 SCSWG Members


Overnight camp for non-members - July 22, 2024 $225.00 Non-Members


Day camp – August 5, 2024 $125.00 Everyone


Registration closes August 23, 2024




E-transfer sent to  completed registration form can be submitted via e-mail to (scan the form).




Cheque or money order payable to SCSWG.

Mail payment and registration form to:

SCSWG Fibre Camp

c/o 14A – 1123 Flume Road

Roberts Creek, BC V0N 2W2


Cancellations/Refunds – e-mail requests received before August 23, 2024, will be subject to a $25.00 administrative fee.  E-mail requests received after August 23, 2024, will not be refunded unless your place, at camp, can be filled.


Camp Location – Camp Sunrise is located on the Sunshine Coast next to the Langdale terminal of BC Ferries.  It is a Salvation Army camp and, as such, we will be observing the camp rules of No Alcohol, No Smoking and No Illegal Drugs.


Check In & Registration – Friday, September 6th @ 4:30pm - 6:00pm

Check Out – Sunday, September 8th @ 1:00pm


Accommodation – rooms in the cabins will accommodate 2, 3 and 4 people sharing (upper bunk beds will need to be used for 3 or 4 people share a room).  You are responsible for bringing your own linens (towels, pillows, sleeping bag or sheets & blankets).  There is a shared bathroom in each cabin.


Meals – provided in the dining room at specific camp times.  Special accommodation for dietary restrictions can be made by request.  See the registration form for the four “restrictions”.


Workshops – filled on a “first come/first served” basis.  The class size limit is listed on the workshop description sheet.  Once you are registered for a workshop, you will receive an e-mail confirmation outlining the supply list and materials fee, if there is one.  You may pay the materials fee, in cash (exact change only), at the workshop or add it to your registration fee when paying for Fibre Camp..

**SCSWG reserves the right to change workshops and instructors at the last minute**


Demonstrations – will happen at various times in the “Chapel” on Saturday and Sunday.


Vendors Market – a “mini” market of local vendors on Saturday @ 10:00am – 5:00pm located in the “Chapel”.


Spinning & Knitting Circles – please join us on Saturday all day and Sunday morning for Spinning and Knitting circles in the Chapel.


Tea Towel Exchange – we will have a tea towel exchange on Saturday.  Please indicate, on your registration form, if you will be participating or not and, if so, bring your tea towel with you to Camp.  We will have a display of tea towels before the exchange. 


Sock Yarn “Mini Skein” Exchange – do you have odds and ends of commercial, machine washable sock or fingering weight yarn?  How about exchanging some for new ones?  Just bring some to Fibre Camp and we’ll organize a swap.  Skeins or wound into balls, 5 – 20 grams each for a total of 100 grams, labelled and packed into a clear zip lock bag.  You will have enough to make a crazy pair of socks, a sock head hat or add them to your sock yarn blanket or Magic Ball Shawl.  Mix it up!!


Book Sale – release old books and take home some new-to-you books at Fibre Camp!  Here’s how…

Gather the books you no longer want/need.  Please limit your selection to books that are concerned with yarn, fibre, spinning, weaving, wildcrafting, dyeing, knitting, crochet, etc.  Determine what price you’d like to set; generally used books sell for $2 to $15 at the very most, some as low as $1.  Magazines can be 25 cents and up.  These are suggested prices and you’ll need to figure out for yourself what you want to charge.  Keep in mind that the well-priced books will sell first!  Please provide one envelope (any size will do) per book for collecting the money.  On the outside of the envelope, please write the following, and then put the envelope inside the front cover:

  1. The name of the book

  2. The price you want for the book

  3. Your name

At Fibre Camp, we will have a table set out for the sale.  Please place your books on the table.  If you’ve brought them in a bag, put the bag underneath the table so that shoppers can us them.  At the end of the weekend, any unused books must accompany you back home, or to the Salvation Army…your choice.  Please do not leave your books at the camp for us to deal with.


To Buy a Book – collect the book you are interested in, put the exact change in the envelope, and leave the envelope in the basket on the sale table.  You may also take it to the person you’ve bought the book from. 


Impromptu Fashion Show/Show and Tell – bring, or wear, a finished item to dinner on Friday evening.  This event will take place, after dinner, in the “Chapel” and give everyone a chance to see what you have been working on and get inspiration from these lovely projects.  If you have completed projects from previous Fibre Camp workshops, please bring these in for us to see.


Guest Speakers – after dinner on Saturday evening there will be a panel, of our workshop instructors, discussing their “creative journey”.


Sunday Social – please join us on Sunday morning, 9:00am – 12:30pm, for spinning, knitting, demos and conversation with your friends.


How to join SCSWG – fill in the application and send with your payment along with your camp registration form and payment.  See link on SCSWG website.


Questions – if we haven’t answered them here, please e-mail

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