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Yoriko Oki

Instructor Bio

Yoriko Oki was born and grew up in Tokyo, Japan, and immigrated to Canada after practicing as an architect for 7 years in Tokyo.  After moving to Canada, Yoriko earned a Masters degree in Advanced Studies in Architecture from UBC, then graduated from Helen Lefeaux School of Fashion design in Vancouver, with the Best Overall Achievement Award.  Yoriko has been an active member of the Fibre Arts Studio on Granville Island since 2004, currently offering handwoven scarves/shawls and hand-dyed yarn.

Workshop Description

In this workshop, you will learn various techniques of dyeing yarn made of protein fibre (such as wool, alpaca, yak and silk), using sock yarn and acid dyes.  You start the workshop with dyeing a mini skein in a semi-solid colour, while learning the basics of working with acid dyes, including safety procedures.  Then, we explore various techniques of dyeing, including hand painting, low immersion dyeing, resist dyeing, sock blanks, and others.

Supplies List

Participants to bring the following:

  • Rubber gloves

  • Plastic bags to take wet yarn home

  • 2 or 3 – 1L containers (such as yogurt containers)

  • Permanent marker

  • Paint brushes (optional)


Please wear old clothing or bring an apron to protect your clothing.



                MATERIALS FEE: $20.00

$20.00 includes the following materials:

  • Two 100gram skeins of sock yarn

  • Two 25gram skeins of sock yarn

             Class Size - 20

Available Now  - 20

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