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Vanessa Bjerreskov

Instructor Bio

Vanessa Bjerreskov has been working with fibre since she was a child.  Starting with crochet and cross stitch and progressing to knitting and finally to spinning, she is a 2017 graduate of the Master Spinner Program at Olds College, Alberta.  She has taught countless people to spin and knit, been published in PLY Magazine and SpinOff, and is the host of the biweekly fibre arts podcast “By the Fibreside”.  Visit he website at or follow her on Instagram at #sparqness.


Workshop Description

Cellulose fibres are a completely different animal – or plant, really! – than wool and other protein fibres, so put aside everything you know about spinning and come join us at Fibre Camp 2022 to learn more about these fascinating fibres!  Plant fibres are among the earliest fibres man ever spun and can create wonderful yarns once you meet them in their comfort zone.  This full-day class will help you leave behind your preconceptions about plant fibres, give you the tools and skills to learn to spin them, and introduce you to their long and fascinating history.  Covering everything from extra-long flax to super-short cotton with a few stops in between, it will be a day of learning and experimentation that will leave you loving plant fibres at the end.

Supplies List

Participants to bring the following supplies:

Working spinning wheel and maintenance supplies (i.e. oil, replacement bands)

Support spindle with bowl (if available)

Akha spindle (if available)

Sandwich bags for supplies

Sharpie for labelling supplies

Small heavy dish for water (wet-spinning)

Hand Towel

Tags for labelling skeins (optional)




$20.00 includes the following materials:

Cotton fibre sampler (6 g each)

  • Foxfibre organic pima

  • Easy-to-Spin natural green pima

  • Easy-to-Spin natural cinnamon pima

  • Sea Island (Egyptian) – dyed

  • Sea Island (Egyptian) – undyed

  • Acala cotton

Hemp top (12 g)

Flax top (12 g)

Flax strick – partial (12 g)

Bamboo (12 g)

Bamboo rayon (12 g)

Nettle (12 g)

Pipe insulation to core bobbins as needed



             Class Size - 12

Available Now  - 12

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